3 Days Photographing the Blue Mountains

I recently spent two nights in Blackheath, a small town of the Blue Mountains region, with Choice Hotels at the Redleaf Comfort Inn Resort. Living only 90 minutes from the incredibly majestic Blue Mountains, you'd think I'd be photographing the Blue Mountains every other weekend. Alas, I've only visited a handful of times. Why, you ask? Well... I honestly have no good answer.

There's often times no amount of words can describe the beauty in the world around us, and I think that holds true for what I witnessed during my trip to the Blue Mountains. So, I'll keep this post brief and let the images speak the words I know I'd struggle to express.

And there it is, guys. My 3 days of exploring and photographing the Blue Mountains, compressed into this 9 image post. For once, I've opted not to share the specific locations of these images as a way to hopefully inspire others to get out there and explore the awe-inspiring Blue Mountains without subconscious influence and/or overinflated expectations. Having said that, if you do have any questions about the locations featured in this post, please leave a comment below and I'll be sure to give you some advice on how to find them, and other awesome locations in the area.

Thanks as always for reading! You are ALL awesome!

TravelMatt Donovan