Reviewing a desk?! (Omnidesk Pro)

Ever since I started my freelance creative life, I’ve spent more time sitting at a desk than I’ve spent doing anything else. It’s not all chasing waterfalls and hiking up mountains. When you’re sitting at a desk for 8+ hours most days, whether that’s at home or in an office, it’s incredibly important to not only be comfortable but to also be as active as possible whilst working. Sounds like an impossible task, right? That’s where the Omnidesk comes into play (or sit/stand desks in general).

There are quite a few sit/stand desks, both electric and crank operated, but there is something else that makes this Omnidesk Pro stand out to me. It might not seem like a big deal, but the few inches that is cut out of the front edge of the desk allows me to immerse myself a little more in what I’m doing, but more importantly it means I can comfortably rest my elbows on the desk taking the strain out of my shoulders.


At the time of writing this review, the model I have (Omnidesk Pro - Large 60” x 30”) you can get for $690, which is a decent amount off the normal asking price of $820AUD. There are also smaller models, and a version without the cut out which is cheaper again.

Noteworthy features/specs:

  • 60” x 30” (152cm x 76cm)

  • Adjustable height from 60-125cm

  • Payload: 140kg

  • Desk weight: 28kg

  • Dual Motor

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • 4 memory presets


When you’re staring at it and sitting/standing at it all day it is somewhat important to have a setup that looks good, a setup that helps foster inspiration and motivation. The Omnidesk does not disappoint in this department. Available in all black, all white and combinations of both, I doubt there’d be an environment where one of those combos looks bad.

As you can see, I went for the all black version as most of the equipment I use is black (excluding my iMac). Lets be honest, you can’t go wrong with all black :P

Set up/Assembly

The desk came in 2 boxes, one with the desktop and the second (which was damn heavy) with the legs, motors and other ancillary items. With the amount of individual items, cables screws etc I unboxed I had a feeling I was in for a long build. Thankfully, the team over at Aftershock Australia have made a very easy to follow video on exactly how to set up the desk (I’ll link it below). In hindsight, it was actually incredibly easy to put together, and oddly satisfying hiding all those pesky motor and controller cables.


Sorry guys, I’m getting sick of sitting down right now, just gonna switch to standing height ;)

Build Quality/Strength

I think this gif alone speaks to the strength of this desk, but if that isn’t enough for you then keep on readin’.

The Omnidesk is solid as a rock, I knew it from the moment I attempted to lift the aforementioned “second box”. However, I will say this, the higher you raise the desktop a very minor amount of wobble is introduced, but unless you’re making castles out of playing cards it’s a total non-issue.

The Pro version of the Omnidesk can apparently lift 140kg… so in theory it could lift two of me.



Arguably the most important consideration when it comes to sit/stand desks are the ergonomics and functionality of the desk. How well does it operate? How easy IS it to operate? Is it comfortable to sit at?

From my early childhood I’ve had some minor issues with my back - scoliosis and just general bad posture. My main reasoning behind wanting a sit/stand desk was to eliminate (or improve) my posture, which to be honest, most electronic standing desks could assist with. How this desk differs is the ergonomic curve on the front edge of the desk (pictured below). This heavily takes the strain off my shoulders and upper back whilst nerding out on my computer all day as it means I can keep my shoulders back instead of hunched forward.


The Omnidesk is incredibly simple to use -  there’s an up and a down arrow, 4 preset height buttons and the memory set button. Also, there’s a handy little USB charger on the side of the controller, which I only discovered a week into having the desk.



Things I love about the Omnidesk Pro:

  • Ergonomics (it’s almost enjoyable sitting (or standing) at my desk for long periods of time)

  • Strength and sturdiness

  • Customisability and variations in size

  • Built in USB charger

  • Goes from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds (min height to max height in 19 seconds).

Things I didn't love about the Omnidesk Pro:

As you know, no matter how much I love a product, I always try to find negative points with my reviews. Sometimes, there just aren’t any. However, I won’t leave you hanging. Somehow, my elbows seem to leave faint marks on the desk when I slide them on the surface, but they are easily wiped off, it might be more of an elbow issue than a desk issue... sooo yea, if that’s the only downside (after 2 weeks of use) then I’m a happy guy!

Final Thoughts

The Omnidesk is marketed primarily towards gamers for its added extras like coloured lighting, pc mounts, speaker mounts, monitor arms etc. However, a desk is a desk right? If it has legs and a desktop, it’ll do the job. The Omnidesk is so much more than just a desk, it’s the hub and backbone to my creative setup and it is so versatile!

Throughout my life, I’ve gone through a handful of desks. From the super basic to the elaborately custom built. I even tried a standing desk in the past, but the biggest problem was that it was a normal desk propped up on 4 cinder blocks, make it incredibly impractical to switch from standing to sitting. I think it’s safe to say that the Omnidesk might just be my forever desk :)

*Disclaimer* This desk was provided to me by the legends at Aftershock Australia for the purpose of this review. They have not paid me to say anything, they just want me to give my honest opinions.