1 Week in Sun Country (The Murray River)

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a week (well, 6 days), with Lauren and Jewels in beautiful Sun Country along the Murray River. And let me tell you, this region hasn't acquired that name for no reason! They enjoy day after day of sunshine all year round. Though, we did experience some of their slightly rarer weather on our last day! *see Lake Mulwala images*

To give you an idea of exactly where we were in Australia, Sun Country encapsulates a handful of towns on the Victoria side of the Murray River... but to give you a better idea, here are a few of my favourite images from my "close to a week" in the area!

Inland beaches (Thomson, Dufty and Bouchiers)

There are literally hundreds of inland beaches scattered along the Murray River, and Thomson's Beach is said to be the largest inland beach in Australia!

My personal favourite however, had to be Dufty's Beach (pictured on the left). It was just so pristine and untouched. Easy to see why it's a favourite hidden gem amongst the locals!

Cactus Country

Imagine you've stepped into a portal from the iconically Australian landscapes that is 'Sun Country' to the likes of somewhere like Arizona or Mexico. Well, that's exactly what it's like walking into the Cactus Gardens. Seriously though, I almost felt like the weather changed when we walked through their entrance. If you find yourself even remotely close to these gardens, and I mean anything less that a few hundred kilometres, you will not regret checking them out! And if it's a hot day, I definitely recommend trying the cactus ice cream!

Native Wildlife

Whenever I speak with international visitors to Australia, the first things they want to see are kangaroos and koalas. And you're pretty much guaranteed to see both here, maybe even without turning your head! They often also want to see crocodiles, but we're a little too far South for that!

I've lived in Australia my whole 27 years of existence, and I've only ever seen 2 koalas in the wild. Within the space of 15, maybe 20 minutes, we had spotted close to 10 koalas around Bouchiers Beach and Ulupna Island. So that's certainly blown up my average koala sightings per year!

Lone trees (yes, really)

As a landscape photographer, there's just something about lone trees that really draws me in. I think it has something to do with a clean and simple composition with no distracting elements - just nature at it's best and a distinct subject matter. Whether they're dead, or alive, they're still equally as alluring.

Anyway, here a few of my favourite from the trip. Yes, there are others!

Lake Mulwala

I've seen a few lakes in my time; mountainous, frozen, dried, salt, clay etc. but nothing quite compares to the uniqueness of Lake Mulwala. This lake is filled, and I mean FILLED, with dead trees. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of them! Something that truly has to be seen first hand. Until then, these photos will have to do!

And the rest...

I wasn't too sure how to categorise these images, so they can just stand alone. Which one of the three do you like most? And which is your favourite image all up? Honestly, mine is probably the full moon image. It was one of those "stop the car!" images and totally spontaneous. That's gotta be my favourite thing about landscape photography; randomly spotting those scenes that may have never been captured before, at least with your eye and creative spin.

Whether you're from Australia or overseas, you can't look past a destination like this. It's so uniquely Australian and can easily help tick off a few of those bucket list Australian items that I know we all have!

Oh, and you've heard of the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple and even the Big Prawn, right? Well, in Sun Country, they have the Big Strawberry! Probably the tastiest of all abnormally large things!