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Improve your landscape photography.

Making the move from shooting with a Point and Shoot camera, or even a smart phone, can certainly be an intimidating task. You’ve just gotten your first DSLR but have no idea how to use it or what makes a good photo. Don’t worry, we were all there at one point. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that hard!

To make things easier for you, I run photography workshops, on location, to help you get the information and experience you need to take your photography to a much higher level.

Chances are, by taking a quick glance at my website, you can see that I’m primarily a landscape, nature and travel photographer. All of my workshops will be based around those genres, but if you have questions regarding topics outside of those areas I’m more than happy to assist where I can!

Private Photography Workshops (on location)

Price: $80 for the first hour. $60 for each additional hour.

Overview: One-on-one on location; photographic guidance, instruction and education. I can custom tailor the workshop to fit your needs perfectly, whether that be through the topics covered or locations visited – it is entirely up to you.

Topics covered:

  • Shooting in manual mode and understanding the exposure triangle.
  • Nailing compelling compositions.
  • Experimenting with shutter speeds to add interest
  • Overcoming technical limitations of camera equipment and more.

Private Post Processing Workshops (in person/online)

Price: $60 per hour.

Overview: One-on-one education via Skype (or your preferred app) or your preferred location around the Sydney area. I’ll teach you everything I know about image processing and how I get from my ‘straight out of camera’ image to a finished, high quality photograph. Again, these workshops can be completely customised to focus on only the things you want to learn, or even my entire workflow if that’s what you want. I can walk you through one of my images from start to finish, or you can send me one of your raw files and learn how to unleash it’s full potential.

These workshops are a perfect way to learn how to take your images to the next level, without necessarily having to travel long distances, or wake up in the early hours of the morning!

Topics Covered:

  • Processing raw files.
  • Blending exposures using luminosity mask techniques.
  • Tonality and saturation adjustments (global and local).
  • Creative effects for added drama (ie. Orton effect, light bleed etc).
  • Sharpening for various outputs and more.

For more information on these workshops, or to book yourself in, please use the contact form below. Remember, these workshops are about you and can be infinitely customised to suit your style of learning.

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