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Improve your creative workflow.

These video tutorials take you through my complete Photoshop and creative processing workflow. I show you how I go from a flat and boring raw file, to something far more dynamic and visually engaging. Whilst I won’t teach you how to use Photoshop from the ground up, I will show you exactly how I use it to get the most out of my landscape images.

  • Before-Horse Head Rock
    After-Horse Head Rock
    Before Horse Head Rock After

Horse Head Rock *NEW*


Tutorial length: 1 hr 4 minutes

This video covers the entire processing workflow from start to finish. I start very briefly in Lightroom before I quickly move over to Photoshop where the real magic happens. I cover topics such as exposure blending, luminosity masking, adding depth and separation, various methods of the orton effect, lights glow techniques, dodging and burning, sharpening and more.

Software used: Adobe Lightroom (Adobe Camera Raw will also work) + Adobe Photoshop.

Comes with full-res (watermarked) .psd for you to follow along with.

Price: $44 AUD

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Editing Landscapes in Photoshop: Volume One


Tutorial length: 1 hr 30 minutes (over 4 videos)

This video takes you through my creative processing of 4 separate images. I cover topics such as exposure blending (both twilight blending and exposure blending), luminosity masking, the orton effect, stitching panoramas, general contrast and saturation adjustments, sharpening and more.

Software used: Adobe Lightroom (Adobe Camera Raw will also work) + Adobe Photoshop.

Watch preview video here!

Price: $50 AUD

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  • Before-Cathedral Rock - (Before and After)
    After-Cathedral Rock - (Before and After)
    Before Cathedral Rock - (Before and After) After
  • Before-Crystal Shower Falls - (Before and After)
    After-Crystal Shower Falls - (Before and After)
    Before Crystal Shower Falls - (Before and After) After
  • Before-Minnamurra - (Before and After)
    After-Minnamurra - (Before and After)
    Before Minnamurra - (Before and After) After