Creative Visions

A landscape photographer's creative workflow.

Let me take you on a behind the scenes look at my creative processing workflow.

This workflow takes place primarily within Adobe Photoshop, and touches on a few of the basic Adobe Lightroom adjustments. This book is aimed at those who HAVE used Photoshop before, but just don’t know how to use it to it’s full potential, especially when editing their landscape photographs.

I’ll take you through my COMPLETE process of two separately exposed photographs from their ‘straight out of camera’ stage to a finished, high quality image ready for the world to see.

What this book IS

  • A comprehensive look into my creative workflow.
  • An information heavy instructional guide.

What this book is NOT

  • A complete guide to Photoshop.
  • An image rich photo book.

Bonus Photoshop action set!

Includes over 20 of my most used, custom built, actions that make my workflow so much easier and more efficient! Some of the actions include, but are not limited to:

Preset AND custom output sharpening/resizing.

 Quick/custom vignetting

Automated Orton Effect

Detail Enhancer

Paintable Chromatic Aberration remover

And so much more!

Preview: What’s in the eBook?

Purchase the eBook here!

65+ pages of Photoshop instruction.

Included main raw file used throughout the book.

20+ custom made Photoshop actions.

 25 minute video demo for included Photoshop actions.