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Photography by Matt Donovan


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Cruisin’ with the FJ (Part II)

As mentioned in my previous post, Toyota were generous enough to lend me a brand spankin’ new FJ Cruiser for week two of our trip to Sydney. So, we’d taken the drive down to Bermagui (part I); shot sunset that night, and sunrise the next day; travelled all... read more

Cruisin’ with the FJ (Part I)

Having lived in the Northern Territories outback for 8 months now, it was a real pleasure to head back down to Sydney for a couple of weeks to see family and spend some time by the ocean. Thanks to Toyota and their awesome FJ Cruiser, that was made much... read more

F-Stop Tilopa – Review

Quickly becoming the worlds most trusted outdoor/adventure/backcountry/travel camera bag company, F-Stop have just dropped a few more names into their mix of ‘Mountain Series’ camera backpacks. In order of size (smallest to largest), we now have the Ajna, Tilopa,... read more