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That’s Photoshopped!

I’ve had some comments recently about my images being “Photoshopped.” I just want to clear this up by saying, “yes, my images are Photoshopped.” But not to the extent the term “Photoshopped” implies. Everything you see in my... read more

2015 – Travel Kit

I just wanted to upload a quick post outlining the items that featured in today’s Instagram post, see here. Big shoutout to Lucky Straps for hooking me up with not one, but TWO awesome, personalised leather straps! So stoked! Lucky Straps – STANDARD 53... read more

Product Photography – Breakdown

Recently, I’d had some people comment on my product photography for the reviews I write here on my blog. I was flattered to hear that people seem to love my reviews, especially the photographs that go with them. They also asked if I could show my process for... read more

Recent Location Guides

Binalong Bay – Bay of Fires

Binalong Bay is one of those “I can’t believe a place like this exists” locations. Tasmania is generally a pretty cold and beautifully rugged landscape and then there’s Binalong Bay. It’s literally Tasmania’s own little slice of... read more

Liffey Falls – Liffey Falls State Reserve

It’s no secret that I love shooting water, especially water than I can get in. Most mornings I find myself shooting along the coast with the incoming waves rushing past my legs. If there’s something that I could compare that too, inland, it would be... read more

Bombo Quarry – Kiama

Since I first got into landscape/seascape photography, Bombo Quarry has always been on my list of favourite places to shoot. And to be honest, I don’t see that ever changing. It has so much to offer landscape photographers at all times of the day, whether... read more