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F-Stop Loka – Review

I’ve been using the F-Stop Loka for well over 6 months now and feel I can thoroughly and honestly give my thoughts on this bag. It’s been by my side, or should I say “on my back”, hiking in Tasmania through various rainforests and mountain ranges, just about the... read more

Mount Wellington

During my last 24 hours in Tasmania I was lucky enough to shoot during some pretty awesome light. I first visited Hobart about 12 months ago and I never got to shoot from Mount Wellington, so this time it was at the top of my list. Late afternoon on my last full day... read more

Diggin’ through the Archives

Every now and then I find it’s a good idea to look through your old images. Going through images you took months or even years ago can be good for several reasons. The first reason, and probably most important, is that you may come across an image you either... read more

Recent Location Guides

Binalong Bay – Bay of Fires

Binalong Bay is one of those “I can’t believe a place like this exists” locations. Tasmania is generally a pretty cold and beautifully rugged landscape and then there’s Binalong Bay. It’s literally Tasmania’s own little slice of... read more

Liffey Falls – Liffey Falls State Reserve

It’s no secret that I love shooting water, especially water than I can get in. Most mornings I find myself shooting along the coast with the incoming waves rushing past my legs. If there’s something that I could compare that too, inland, it would be... read more

Bombo Quarry – Kiama

Since I first got into landscape/seascape photography, Bombo Quarry has always been on my list of favourite places to shoot. And to be honest, I don’t see that ever changing. It has so much to offer landscape photographers at all times of the day, whether... read more