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Fury – Behind the Shot

Earlier this week, I was conducting my usual readings of WillyWeather’s tide and swell charts for the coming days. As is scrolled towards the end of the week and noticed a huge spike in swell, 6+ metres (20 feet), I knew exactly the shot I wanted to capture to... read more

May 2016 – Collection

It’s been a quiet few months, photographically speaking, but super busy packing up in the NT and moving back home, to Sydney. Since getting back home, I’ve been re-inspired to get my s*** together and start taking more photos! May was a good month, with... read more

7 Reasons I’m Addicted to PhotoPills

Over the past year or two I’ve collected a substantial amount of photography focused apps. Almost all of these apps do just one thing, and whilst they might do them well, there just has to be an app that does it all, right? If you’re a landscape, travel or... read more