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Mungo National Park and the Walls of China

Earlier last month I was able to visit a national park in Outback NSW that’s been on my list for quite some time. Mungo National Park is located in the Murray-Riverina Region of NSW. From the closest airport in Mildura, you can get there in just under 1.5 hours....

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When is a photograph no longer a photograph?

There’s been some pretty heated debate lately about “what is TOO much Photoshop” or “when is a photo simply no longer a photo”. And to be honest, who cares? The world is full of hate and negativity, why can’t we, as photographers...

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Feisol CT-3442 – Review

Since upgrading from my first tripod to the incredibly sturdy and robust Feisol CT-3372 (see review here), I’ve often found that it can be a little overkill at times. Don’t get me wrong, if I could only have ONE tripod, it would be that beast, but often...

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